Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ladies: Don't Take Bad Hair Lying Down! (And take the poll at the bottom of this page!)

---> Christian Siriano (of Project Runway) embraces his questionable hair. But that aint me!

Once again, I take to this blog to rally us women to be self-loving and assertive.

The reason is that today, I purposefully went to my favorite salon to have my hair highlighted. The salon is in Long Island and it is a loooong trek away, but I was excited because my roots have been showing for a while and I am sooo ready to be glam again.

They usually do a great job, but unfortunately, I went with a different stylist than usual and she did a poor job. A very poor job. My roots are still showing and I am very, very upset, especially considering the time and expense I invested. And of course, as women, we all know how important our hair is to us.

Has that ever happened to you, with a dye job or a haircut? Can you relate to the scenario below?

How many times have you gone to a hairdresser – asked for a trim and gotten half your hair cut off, a perm and a style that doesn’t look anything like the fashion magazine cut out you brought in.
Do you complain? Ask to see the manger? NO – you thank the Italian hairdresser, tip him handsomely, and run home to try to shampoo and fix your hair.
Then, when you see your hairdresser in the grocery store, you hide behind the Pirate's Booty display so you want have to answer his questions about why he hasn’t seen you lately.

Resolution: I will not be like the average women epitomized by the passage above and take this lying down! I am getting another appointment for Sunday, so another stylist (not that stinker) can fix the patchy spots!

I'm very annoyed because I have to take another afternoon out of my busy, job-seeking life and haul my tired self to Bumblebutt, Long Island, utilizing myriad forms of shleppy transportation. Still, I will be utterly glam when I'm done with this whole shebang! I'm going to demand some sort of reimbursement and/or compensation, and rather than hide behind the chips display (mm, chips) in the supermarket, I will hold my head up high the next time I go to the salon!

I won't let them take my ovaries!!

UPDATE: I have an appointment on Sunday to be retouched by the aptly named Prudence. Let's hope she gets the job done. AND, I negotiated a free blowout!

Note: This entry may not appear to fit in with the rest of the 'Women's Health' focused entries on this blog, but what could be healthier for a woman's mental state than standing up for herself to be the best she can be??


ninicakes said...

I once had my hair colored at a salon and it came out lighter than I thought and was a bit freaked out. I said so at the salon and the colorist was really nice about it. She said that if I don't like it, they would fix it for free, so you should definitely see if they would do the same - the problem is that if you're going to see another colorist there now, I don't know if you'll get the same deal since the better colorist does deserve to be compensated. So, you'll have to make some sort of arrangement with the salon - I don't know what. Anyway, in the end, I ended up liking the coloring I had - I just had to get used to it - it wasn't what I expected, but it worked out.

LauraS said...

I can DEFINITELY sympathize. I had a similiar incident right before my wedding! (The color was too dark and too red.) I ended up going back to the salon. I was really nice and calm about it, but the colorist had such a huge attitude about it that the manager had to speak to her privately. In the end, they fixed it for free!

John said...

you lost me after the piture of that annoying dude, christian. why am i afraid that i will see him on some other reality show somewhere (in addition to already being on that supermodel show)?